RainbowGypsy Art In the Worlds of a Dreamer Dream~Believe~Empower Making the Ordinary Come Alive

As an Artist

and a Dreamer

My passion is staying connected with the dreamer in me, believing all things are possible from a place of hope, imagination and kindness.

From humble beginnings...

to exciting creative ventures...

I am a self-taught artist with a desire is to create art that takes people on a healing journey through their imagination. I embrace worlds of fantasy through my artwork creating landscapes that are full of vibrant colours and a cast of intriguing characters whose stories are just waiting to be told.

There was a time when I would never have believed I would feel alright with calling myself an artist. Now I’m not only OK with it, I feel excited to continue sharing my art, learning new techniques and creating more art. I have shared my digital art on small online communities like Renderosity, Fantasy Attic and Dreamslayers for years. Now I am creating a home for my artwork that will be open to anyone that finds their way to RainbowGypsy Art.

Art is Healing

in so many ways...

My personal experiences with fibromyalgia and depression have been a challenge that my artwork has helped me to express. At some of my darkest moments being able to find ways to see in images what I’m feeling so deeply has been a blessing. Sometimes it is a means to get those feelings out and other times it is a means to escape into another world. In either situation, I always feel better. Art to me is a doorway that opens up endless possibilities.

There are so many different ways to creatively express what you are experiencing. I plan on sharing some of the different techniques and styles that have helped me, from working with collages, art journals, digital art and rock painting.

Art can open the door to self-understanding, healing and hope.

Welcome to RainbowyGypsy Art

A Doorway

That invites you in...

This site is just in its beginning stages of coming alive. I hope you will come by often to catch up with the latest art I have to share and my journey along the way.